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Simulation of agglomerating powder particles by Dr Stefan Luding. He is employed at the University of Delft in the Netherlands.



Foto 1 : De mogelijkheden bij e
At the Unilever Health Institute food ingredients are analyzed, to develop functional foods such as Becel pro-activ.
(photo Unilever)



Rheumatism and Chrohn's disease are caused by inflammatory processes, which are out of control.
To normalize this, a drug is introduced in the overactivated endothelium cells.
Dutch researchers at the university of Groningen use dexamethasone as a testdrug. (illustration according to Dr. R.J. Kok) 




Comprehensive publications about natural sciences

JVEC can take care for you of publications about recent developments in natural sciences.
Usually these are commisioned by journals, publishing houses or industrial companies.

The articles are published in journals for specialists, on websites, in press releases, but also in advertising brochures.

The core business of JVE regarding to scientific journalism is writing about chemistry, food and drugs. This means doing interviews, writing articles and illustrating them, and final editing.

Popular, but  correct
Scientific journalism starts with the spotting of new developments. After that, these findings are presented to the public in clear language. Schematic drawings, so-called info-grapics, are in many cases useful to present complex things in an easy understandable way.

Since 1995 JVEC produces journalistic publications about science, on a level varying from scientific to popular.  Unlike what most people think, the latter journalistic genre is the hardest. Why? Because complex matters need to be explained in an accessible way to non-scientists, without stretching the truth.

To 'popularize' a scientific subject, it is of crucial importance that the scientific journalist fully understands the information himself. Jaap van Ede, the founder of JVEC, has a PhD in life sciences. The focus of JVEC is on engineering, chemistry, biotechnology, food technology, pharmacy and health sciences.

Below you will find the main fields JVEC Scientific Publications publishes about:

Chemistry and Chemical Industry

  • Chemistry (R&D)

  • Biochemistry

  • Process technology

  • Industrial plant design

  • Biotechnology

Food and Food Industry

  • Food technology  (R&D)

  • Biotechnology, genetical modification

  • Novel foods, functional foods, personal foods, nutraceuticals

  • Food & health

  • Food wrapping

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Industy

  • Pharmacy (R&D)

  • Biotechnology, genetical modification

  • Nutraceuticals

Background information about JVEC

Dr Ir Jaap van Ede, the founder of JVEC, is a member of the following organisations:
  • NVJ         (Dutch organisation of journalists)
  • KIVI        (Dutch organisation of engineers)
  • NBV        (Dutch organisation of biotechnologists)
  • KNCV     (Dutch organisation of chemists)

The journalistic articles of Dr Jaap van Ede are published in specialist and non-specialist journals of nearly all big publishing houses, and are used by many industrial companies.

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