JVE Communication (JVEC):     Introduction
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A confocal scanning laser microscope (CSLM) shows the microstructure of food. In this picture, starch is green, and complexes of sugars and proteins are coloured purple
(picture from NIZO food research)

At food manufacturer Verkade in Holland, some of the procesoperators design their own Human Machine Interface (picture of Verkade)


Process Improvement
For commercial reasons, many softwareproducts for industrial control are labeled as manufacturing execution system (MES). However, the inplementation of MES resembles completing a puzzle, located between the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and the Proces Control System (PCS).
(illustration from Jaap van Ede during a seminar about MES-functionality)

Welcome to this website

This first page gives you a brief introduction of the activities of JVE Communication (JVEC) and Dr Ir Jaap van Ede.

JVE Communication is the correct adress for journalistic, business and commercial publications, be it in journals, on web sites, in business journals, or in the form of press releases, product promotion material, advertising material, case descriptions, success stories and more.

On this website the activities of Jaap van Ede and JVEC are still described rather accurately. However the publication examples, as well as this website itself, have gone out of date.

Dr Ir Jaap van Ede, who can also be contacted via linkedin, is editor-in-chief of procesverbeteren.nl (a Dutch site) and business-improvement.eu (an English site). On these sites you will find many recent publications!


Core business

Core-business van JVEC is mapping and analyzing complex matters (like the use of process improvement methods and their effectiveness). The findings are processed to publications and case studies in specialist journals, business publications, and articles on websites. Complex matters are explained in clear language in articles, which can devided in three categories:

The connection between all activities of JVEC is mapping new business opportunities, new business improvement methods, and methods or products with distinguishing characteristics. Subjects may vary from continous improvement methods like Lean or Six Sigma, to automization issues, change management and (chemical) process technology.

Main fields of interest

Publications about continuous improvement and industrial automation
  • lean manufacturing, theory of constraints, quick response maufacturing
  • six sigma
  • total productive maintenance
  • implementations of new software
  • logistics and supply chain management
  • new technologies like event management, web services, service oriented architecture
  • Mapping and comparison of the functionality of software packages
  • more...

Scientific journalism
  • procestechnology
  • life sciences
  • food sciences
  • chemistry
  • process technology
  • life sciences
  • food sciences
  • more....

Business journalism
  • (semi-)commercial publications about science, technology and ICT
  • public relations on an academic level.
  • press releases, product promotions   
  • developing questionnaires for selection of hard- or software to be send to automation suppliers
  • investigating the user requirements for new software by interviewing people within companies
  • more...

The strengths of JVE Communication (JVEC)


  • Dr Ir Jaap van Ede, the founder of JVEC, has a PhD in natural sciences
  • Jaap van Ede has more then twenty years of experience as a (business) writer in the following fields:
    logistics, chemistry, food, farmaceuticals, industrial automation
  • JVEC produces texts in Dutch and in English

Clear publications

  • Jaap van Ede has more then twenty years of experience (as science and business journalist) in presenting complex information in a clear way.


  • JVE Communication works voor well-known publishing companies such as Reed-Elsevier and SDU and for multinationals such as United Biscuits and Honeywell. Testimonials are available on request.



Brief history of  JVEC

After finishing his PhD in natural sciences in 1994, Dr Jaap van Ede (JVE) started JVE Communications (JVEC), a company specialized in (business) journalism and communication.

Because of his university background Jaap van Ede is very good in examining things to the last detail. His findings are then clarified to a broad public in clear publications.

JVEC first focused on the original scientific specialisms of Dr Jaap van Ede; industrial technology, pharmacy, food and (bio)chemistry. However, very soon JVEC noticed a need for clear and non-commercial information about industrial automation and logistics as well.   After writing about industrial automation for more then twenty years, visiting many plants and sending many questionaires about software functionality to software suppliers, nowadays the ICT-knowledge of JVEC Journalism Logistics  extends "from sensor to ERP". Besides that, Jaap van Ede acquired comprehensive knowledge of continuous improvement methods like Lean, TPM and Six Sigma.

JVEC Business Publications produces business publications (be it success stories, press releases or 'content' for websites) for companies and non-profit organisations. Focus is on promoting (new) business activities or products. 

So, in essence, all the activities of JVEC are about doing research, and mapping new developments or possibilities. And be it new technologies or the description of problems in industrial automation, the results eventually need to be summarized in plain language!

C.J. van Ede
The Netherlands
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