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Among the former customers of JVEC business publications were Akzo Nobel Salt and Thermo Automation.

In In october 2003, JVEC developed for the software company 'Indesys' the full text of their website, written in english and dutch. 


In the spring of 2005, JVEC wrote a succes story about the implementation of a new process control system, commisioned by Honeywell. 


Explaining the added value of products to your customers, by clear publications.

Are the products and/or services of your company complex, or so technical that your customers are having trouble to see the added value?

In that case, JVE Communications (JVEC) can explain the strong points of your offerings to them, with clear publications. These can be published in the form of press releases, in corporate journals or on websites.

Is your company active in the field of industrial automation or does it provide consultancy about process improvement? Then you may find additional information on the page about JVEC Logistics.

The strong points of JVEC business publications:

Professional skills

  • Dr Jaap van Ede, the founder of JVEC, has a PhD in natural sciences
  • Jaap van Ede has more then 20 years of experience as a journalist in the fields:
    industrial automation, chemistry, food, farmaceuticals, (bio)technology

Autonomous working method

  • JVEC will go deeply in the products and/or services of your company. If necessary, these are compared with the offerings of your competitors on the (local) market. To gain knowledge, interviews with some of your employees may be necessary.
  • After having a clear sight on the strong points of your offerings, the added value of your products is explained to your customers, by writing commercial publications.  

Complex matters explained in every day language

  • Jaap van Ede has more then fifteen years of experience in presenting complex matters in everyday language, being a journalist in the fields logistics, automation and science.

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